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Thursday, 8 October 2009

My seventeen birthday @ School.

( Card from : Lip Kin, Kheng Yang & Jia Ying )

I stayed up till 12 this year because I was waiting for a call :D So when the clock strikes twelve, tons of messages came in. I was so surprise Patricia was the first one, actually 3 person wished me at twelve this year :D Thanks sweetie !

W called me because her message cannot be delivered, she also bugged me to go the night market to meet her that night & told me only to read her message first. So finally I got the message, it was different because it was a voice message, when I was listening, I can't stop laughing because it was soooo funny. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, it was so touching.

W, you're always my best friend, I love you.

As usual I have to wake up at 7 in the morning to go to school. Urgh, I have to dragged myself to school because I was drop dead tired. Everyone was very kind to me, I received a lot of wishes from my dearest schoolmates. Special thanks to Leon and Fung Soon who waited for me at the school gate :D

My precious friends have planned a surprise for me in the canteen, they also came to school just to celebrate with me. They all stopped me from going to the canteen, but I knew something is wrong because their reaction made me want to laugh so badly. :p Especially Sock kwan, you know your eyes don't lie.

So they cover my eyes and force to walk to the canteen. I almost tripped and fell into the drain twicee !
&& Tadaaaa !
My birthday cake, chosen by Sze hui :D
Does it look like me? I think so because the face so round !
It's so pinky and cute I didn't want to cut it :x
Babes (:
Gift from the babes & friends.
Doing Addmaths while chit-chatting in the library !

Thank you everyone who present on that day to celebrate with me, I'm really happy to have you guys as my friends. This is my first birthday cake since Standard 6 and it's the best birthday I ever have in High School.
I want to thank all these people above too !
All my presents.
From Ken Bing, He promised this Hello Kitty since the school's carnival.
Thank you for M.I.A during the celebration to get this gift ! :D
From Jen Hoe, I was so surprise to receive this gift.
He actually remember my birthday & this gift made so many people jealous :x
BTW, he wrapped it himself, he's so awesome right? I know you will read this ! :p
Thank you, my long lost childhood friend.
From Lip Kin, Kheng Yang and Jia Ying.
Thanks for the chocolates, they knew how deep my love is my chocolate !
I'm gonna put on so much weight soon, but I don't caree :D
From my babes & classmates.
Thank you for planning this celebration and buying these gifts.
You guys are the best friends I could ever have, I'm really very touched.
I love you guys a lot ! I wouldn't ask for anything more than this.

This post is going to be very long so I have to separate it. I'm going to post about my birthday dinner with my family soon :D It's going to be a long post with a lot of pictures !

I want to thank all my friends, family members and those in Facebook & Twitter who wished me and made this day super special for me ! :D And also those who wished me via SMS and Calls. Last but not least, thanks Jay for the birthday song and Shaun for didn't give up calling me the whole day even though I didn't pick the phone !

I have to go now, lunch at one with the kawans. (:


Monday, 5 October 2009

What I want when I turn seventeen.

Since my big day is coming, it's a tradition to post everything I want, it's for fun because there are tons of other things I want and it is not granted. I'm going to update my wishlist too! :D

This post is going look like Kenny Wee's posts.

#1 I want.... Nike high tops ! :D
Maybe getting it next year if daddy bringing me to Hong Kong.

Super cute ! ;D

These babies are driving me crazy especially while watching 2NE1's videos. Urgh. I just want onee ! Who will be so kind to buy me a pair? :p

#2 I want.... Mary Jane Platform !
I want one or two straps only! I wanted this for a very long time already. It's been on my wishlist for long time, might fulfilling it next year! I've check Charles & keith yesterday, no sign of it. D: *pft*

#3 I want.... Tons of Moolah !
Who doesn't?

#4 I want.... Polaroid Camera
Darn jealous of Prince Rin because she has so many pretty pictures D; I wanna I wanna I wanna..! :D

#5 I want... Government to cancel SPM!!
I know I can continue to dream on and run along -_-"

I can't continue to think of what I want now..

Going back to studying now, additional mathematics seriously sickening. D:
42 days to the biggest event of the year!

Can't wait for 7 day Bangkok trip, thinking about shopping and food ! :p

I think... Carter basin is kinda cute :x ohshit!


Saturday, 3 October 2009

The sweetest sin.

That day, when I was passing by the place we used to hang out, I realize it has been shut down and renovated. That place you used to work, that place we created a lot of memories together now it's all gone. But I still can recall our daily routine, I used to accompany you till it's my shift.

Sometimes I do miss the old times, I guess everyone have to move on with life. I'm no more the old me and you are a total changed person. I'm actually glad to see your condition now because you've grown up so much. I never regret for my decision, maybe it was best for both of us. :D

In life, there will be a lot of people walking in and out, but for those special ones, they will leave footprints or an impact on you. Those special ones are people who you care about, those who you loved.

Finally, everything is coming to an end. Everyone will be walking different ways, we're definitely loosing contacts because it's silly to say we won't. We will be busy searching for a new road to move on with life. So now still isn't late to appreciate the friends around us, we still got time before the major exams.

It kills me to see what's happening now, I don't want to see us faded away. I know I'm not the person you want me to be, but I'm already trying my very best. After all the things we've gone through, isn't it wasted to let everything go?

Maybe we can't get everything in life, even if it's what you want most.

♥ When will the rain stops and the sunshine will appear?

I have to apologize for such a depressing post :D
4 days till my big day..

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival.

Last Saturday, it's time to go back to tuition after the Raya holidays. I was late again, as usual D: I can't wake up because it's too early to give up my cozy warm bed.

After the tuition, Me and Sock Kwan went to Time Square to shop again due to my unsatisfactory and Sock Kwan wanted to shop so badly. So after Chemistry, we went for lunch then walked to Time Square. I only bought a top for me and for my brother(I'm such a good sis!). It's self controlling again :p I'm getting used to it now. *giggles*

Fact #1 Shopping is the most effective way to release stress.
Fact #2 Shopping is also part of a sport, it's another way to exercise while having fun.

We rushed home at 4 because we have to go school for the Mid-Autumn festival celebration. During our way back in the train, we met Sze Hui and her aunt. Such a coincidence, because she was rushing back for that even from her tuition. At first, I was actually staring at her Seventeen magazine. :p

Event started at almost 7 p.m. with all the talking and opening ceremony. Then followed up with a dance and the lucky draw. I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen by Miss Sim :D I was actually quite surprise to be chosen, I did not pay any attention at all because I was playing with my camera.

I followed Vivian to meet the others in the badminton court for the due to the very long queue outside for dinner. So we were all cracking our heads to find out the answers for these questions.

Finally got our food to eat, it's satisfying for the price we pay.
They were showing up a short clip they made for the event. It was hilarious and I enjoyed watching it. We then went behind to admire the colourful lanterns that was being hung up by the other students. It lantern has it's own message.
They burned this later, I didnt take a picture while burning though.

Then it was drama time, it wasn't really entertaining because the story line is kinda weird. Some parts are quite funny, but overall I wasn't paying enough attention again. Instead, I was chatting with Soon Yuen and Kei Yan.
Look at how many glow sticks I've collected, Rainbow
Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. :p
The guys playing Musical chair, the girls didn't want to play so camwhore time !

I got so many event pictures to upload in Facebook, urgh. My Raya holidays was awesome, I wasn't sick and bored compare to the other holidays :D Hehs. Stay tune for moree.

The internet is such a biatch! >:@ Meh.

Additional Mathematics time, it's sucking all my energy.
8 days , 48 days . Hwaiting :D !
Not going to update so often again, currently on hiatus.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Just the way you are.

Last holidays was hectic, I got so many outings, I didn't even spend time studying. Except for the midnight additional mathematics after the karaoke session with W. And now it's time to forget all about the fun and concentrate on my studies.

Last Friday, we organize a shopping trip and karaoke session. Spell came in Leon's car after their tuition to fetch me to the LRT station. We suppose to meet the others and take the train downtown. But Leon offered to drive us down to Time Square, such a sweet guy (: So after Chee Kuan and Kei Yan came, he went downtown with Leon.

Firstly, we went to Red box because I don't want Neway, I just went there during the Tuesday karaoke session. Most of the songs are sang by me, I really had a lot of fun. I feel kinda bad because Kei Yan did not sang much D:

My chicken chop, thumbs up!
Kei Yan's anchovies fried rice.
Shattered pieces of the glass I broke :3

After that is shopping time, I resisted my urge to splurge. I only got my black skinnies & the pair of heels I was craving for a long time. So I was quite a good girl to control myself :p I finally meet-up with Pui yee after god-knows-how-long time, she was working there. Babe, we have to go shopping after SPM :x !

9 more days till my Birthday :D !
49 days till SPM, D: Work hard babes.

Upcoming posts: Mid-autumn festival.